Our team is composed of industry-leading experts in bio-manufacturing, specializing in Squitex fiber. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to support our impressive skill set.

Our Story
  • 01 How can we ignore the textile industry in a world of exponentially expanding technology?
  • 02 Climate change and global waste production have been significant issues for decades, but now we have something that could make all the difference. After years of research, our team discovered Squitex - an environmentally friendly replacement for petroleum-based fibers developed from genetic sequencing tools inspired by squids' tentacles! This revolutionary material will revolutionize the textile industry with its strong durability and climate positives functions.
  • 03 With a team of recognized specialists in biomimetic design and experience with Squid Ring Teeth protein, Tandem Repeat is founded by the leading inventor and Penn State Huck Endowed Chair of Biomaterials Professor Melik Demirel. He's joined by Dr. Benjamin Allen and Dr. Gozde Senel-Ayaz to help bring this innovative technology into reality.

We are proud to have received numerous awards and grants for our ideas.

  • 01. Biomade 4S

    $250k (2023): In partnership with the University of Georgia, this project will investigate the intersection of bioindustrial manufacturing and public opinion by building the first batch of Squitex articles and using them to motivate and anchor data collections on messaging in biotechnology The primary goal of this data collection is to see how different presentations of bioindustrial manufacturing impact audience attitudes and opinions to aide in future communications about the industry. The data from this project can be used to inform communication strategies for not just Squitex products, but bioindustrially manufactured products overall and the industry as a whole. The data will be valuable for groups working at all phases of development of bioindustrially manufactured products.

  • 02. Biomade Open

    $2M (2022): This project will scale the upstream and downstream processes for producing Squitex. This sustainable, high-performance fiber yields superior mechanical, chemical, durability, and recyclability benefits when blended with natural fibers. This project will improve biomass yield during the upstream bioprocess; improve extraction, recovery, yield, and purity of the downstream process; optimize wet-spinning of Squitex fibers and knit these fibers into a fabric; and build a techno-economic model for Squitex fabric production. Prototypes will be used to assess performance, touch and feel, and longevity in product development and generate interest in clothing brands.

  • 03. Microfiber Innovation Challenge Prize

    $150K (Year: 2022): The Microfiber Innovation Challenge was held by Conservation X Labs, a company that creates solutions to stop the extinction crisis. Each team submitted an alternative material they developed to limit pollution from microfibers found in textiles. The Flotilla Foundation and the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation sponsored the event. Tandem Repeat Technologies won the prize for the development of a sustainable fiber material called Squitex.

  • 04. US Department of Energy Contract

    $2.2M (Year: 2020) This is a research and development project for innovative technologies to develop thermal energy storage materials and embedded energy storage options for building equipment. The Tandem Repeat team developed bio-based, phase-change materials that are synthetically derived from squid ring teeth protein (PCM) to produce a novel thermal energy storage material with collaborators at Georgia Tech and the University of Virginia. (%20 Matching required)

  • 05. DoD/NSF I-Corps

    $70k (Year: 2017): The I-Corps @ DoD program supports the acceleration of fundamental research innovations from qualifying institutions by providing DoD-funded Principal Investigators (Dr. Demirel) and students with training and mentorship in customer discovery and the commercialization process. NSF runs the program.

  • 06. Tommy Hilfiger Social Challenge Award 2019

  • 07. Green Chemistry GC3 technology showcase Award 2019

  • 08. H&M Foundation Global Change Early Bird Award 2018


We’re passionate about revolutionizing the textile industry and creating a climate-positive future through our innovations.

Dr. Gözde Senel-Ayaz
Dr. Gözde Senel-Ayaz CEO & Co-Founder
Prof. Dr. MELIK DEMIREL Co-Founder and Huck Endowed Chair Professor @ Penn State
Daniel Hussey
Daniel Hussey Intellectual Property
Claire King
Claire King Financials
Dr. Huihun Jung
Dr. Huihun Jung Senior Scientist
Dr. Hoil Park
Dr. Hoil Park Senior Scientist
Ilker Koksal
Ilker Koksal Strategy/Advisor
Erturk Kurtca
Erturk Kurtca Business Development
Chris Dudko
Chris Dudko Finance

In our changing world, climate-positive and sustainability have become key values that affect the success of businesses. To stay ahead of consumer preferences, government regulations, and supply-chain dynamics over time, companies must implement innovative circular approaches for their operations

Squitex technology from Tandem Repeat is revolutionizing the fashion industry with a climate-positive alternative to petroleum-based fibers - allowing us to pursue an ambitious dream: becoming a unicorn in both blue and green economies and establishing ourselves as global fashion players.

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