Can we rewrite the story of mankind? Will it take a new dawn to bring balance back between us and nature?

Solving the sustainability problem once and for all!
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Sustainable animal and plastic-free production is gaining momentum in the fashion industry. Squitex is a revolutionary natural fiber that provides enhanced elasticity, self-repair capabilities, and superior mechanical properties - something climate-positive alternatives could only achieve now.

Inspired by nature.
Perfected by science.
Techno-economic analysis: We evaluated the feasibility of implementing a new fiber regarding its costs, performance, and overall economic impacts. This helps us to identify areas where improvements can be made, including cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Overall, the Techno-economic analysis of Squitex provided valuable insight into manufacturing using plant molecular farming at the cost of natural fibers from an economic standpoint and marketability.

Life cycle analysis: Squitex is a protein-based all-natural fiber. Life cycle analysis involves analyzing all stages of the lifecycle of Squitex from its inception as raw materials to its eventual disposal to understand the full ecological footprint it creates. This includes considering energy intake and output, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, waste management, etc. The results of LCA showed us that Squitex improves efficiency and reduces the environmental impacts of textile manufacturing. Squitex minimizes the carbon footprint of textile fibers and maximizes the sustainability efforts of the fashion industry by optimizing production methods.

Democratization of fashion: Squitex has made fashion accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or lifestyle. People with different backgrounds and incomes can express their styles through fashionable clothing.

But there's more: Squitex also invests in eco-friendly materials like bioengineered fabrics, which not only help the environment but reduce exposure to pollutants for economically disadvantaged groups especially prone to this danger. In short--Squitex provides stylish outfits while caring for our pocketbooks and the planet.

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