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Our Mission
Tandem Repeat Technologies is a climate tech startup that produces animal fibers from plants to reduce carbon emissions and energy usage and improve animal welfare & water quality with our patented technology.

Our mission is to use our technology to help save the planet, one garment at a time. Our team is a unique blend of innovators and creative minds from all backgrounds. Together, we are committed to creating an environment that encourages collaboration and celebrates inclusivity – helping us invent new ways to bring climate-positive textile designs into the world! Join our movement for positive change: let’s build a better future, one stitch at a time.

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People & Culture
At Tandem Repeat, we are passionate about creating a climate-positive future that reduces carbon emissions and energy usage and focuses on animal welfare and cleaner water.

Our team is composed of individuals committed to our mission; they foster an innovative culture that encourages creativity while seeking new approaches to improving the world. We strive to take a holistic approach to climate change by constantly finding ways to optimize our processes and reduce environmental impact.

Our startup is powered by many driven individuals from different backgrounds who bring unique skills to the team.We are united in our ambition, working together collaboratively so everyone can reach their full potential in an inclusive environment that encourages trying new things and taking risks. Our people form the backbone of this organization - they're passionate about what we do and persistently tackle whatever challenges arise with agility & resourcefulness. Indeed, thanks to them, we've built something extraordinary here.


Our company is headquartered in the historic city of Philadelphia and has two additional innovative laboratories in State College, PA, and Lowell, MA. Our gene design capabilities are regarded as some of the best around! Together we create excellent results!

We want to ensure our employees have the best, from medical check-ups and prescription drugs to vision care and mental health services.

Our comprehensive health insurance plans give you that assurance, plus we provide 401(k)s or an IRA for retirement savings, so your financial future is secure. We also offer professional development opportunities such as courses, workshops, and conferences if you wish to develop yourself in your career journey further. Lastly, flexible work arrangements allow a healthy work-life balance, such as remote working options or more flexible hours.

Our company is committed to providing employees with support and resources for a balanced lifestyle. This includes offering flexible work arrangements like remote access or varying hours so you can effectively juggle personal/professional commitments! Plus, generous paid time off, including vacation days, sick leave & holidays, helps ensure everyone can rest and relax - not forgetting parental leave + bereavement should life events arise. In addition, bonuses such as gym memberships plus social activities and wellness programs show how much those at this workplace value each staff member.

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