Get ready to explore what sustainable textile studies have uncovered - the results are sure to be enlightening!

Characterization tests are essential for assessing the performance of textiles and understanding their properties. Therefore, we performed the following tests for Squitex fiber, fabric, and clothes:

  • 01. Tensile testing

    This test measures the force required to stretch or deform a textile sample and assesses its strength, elasticity, and other physical characteristics.

  • 02. Colorfastness testing

    This test evaluates how well a textile’s color resists fading or bleeding when exposed to light, rubbing, and washing.

  • 03. Abrasion resistance testing

    This test examines how the fabric stands up to wear and tear, such as friction, rubbing, and scratching.

  • 04. Flammability testing

    This test examines how easily a fabric burns, smolders, or self-extinguishes when exposed to an ignition source (e.g., flame).

  • 05. Chemical resistance testing

    This test evaluates how well a textile resists soaking up different chemicals to determine suitability for specific industrial applications (e.g., protection against oil spills).

  • 06. Water repellency test

    This test examines how easily water beads up on the surface of a textile rather than seeping through it to measure its wicking properties or raincoat performance capabilities.

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