The future of innovation and the backbone of our technology: Synthetic Biology

The material
of the future
01. Approach

We aim to revolutionize the fashion industry by harnessing Squitex's unique properties for a brand-new clothing line. To ensure success, we assemble an elite branding team to hone in on our desired markets and audiences right from the start.

We will launch with a capsule collection created through collaboration between designers, technicians, and craftspeople focused solely on maximizing what makes Squitex special. After introducing this limited offering next year as part of its soft launch phase, expansion into other apparel sectors, such as sportswear, will follow.

No squids are harmed during our process!
02. Plant Molecular Farming

This revolutionary agricultural approach uses plants to produce Squitex fibers. Plant molecular farming offers an alternative to traditional methods of producing protein-based materials, allowing for more cost-effective production with fewer environmental impacts.

Additionally, plant-based manufacturing reduces reliance on animal-sourced materials with low energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

03. Squitex Manufacturing

Tandem Repeat is revolutionizing textile production with its all-natural performance fabric created through existing manufacturing processes. Expanding Squitex fibers and domestic bio-industrial manufacturing, we're unlocking an exciting economic opportunity for everyone involved.

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