Would you like to invest in a company that is set to become the global leader in sustainable textile solutions?

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We are committed to climate-positive textiles, and our own Squitex reflects this commitment. Our unique value proposition is that we offer a greener solution to textile production, providing an ethical and climate-positive alternative that replaces animal and synthetic fibers with renewable sources. By choosing our process, customers support eco-friendly practices while still enjoying the same quality of fabric they love. Our mission is to use our technology to help save the planet, one garment at a time. Our vision is to create climate-positive fibers from farming.

Squitex is revolutionizing the fashion and textile industries, aiming to be carbon net zero within a decade - an ambitious task! With our unprecedented Cradle-to-Grave ecosystem that enables sustainable yet effective solutions for every stage of production, from ecological chemicals to recycling, brands will soon have access to innovative product ideas never like before.

Squitex's genetic traceability unlocks a new world of transparency that gives consumers insight into where their clothes come from. Offering access to vertical integration and ISO certification, customers can rest assured knowing they're making climate-positive choices with confidence.

We had multiple angel and VC investors in our pre-seed round, including:

10-Year Vision

Squitex aims to revolutionize the textile industry by selling fibers and finished goods. Our natural fiber is a climate-positive and ethical alternative to traditional animal fibers – offering equal durability, flexibility, cost efficiency, and wide accessibility for fashion brands across the globe. As we continue research into improving our product further to compete with established players internationally, partnering up with leading labels will be integral in raising awareness of sustainability alternatives available today. This increased demand would fuel us towards scaling production volumes while reducing carbon impact from textiles worldwide - no small feat. Our mission is to use our technology to help save the planet, one garment at a time.
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