First Garment Of Tandem Repeat

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The first garment is made from biomanufactured protein fiber

We’ve just completed the world first Squitex blend garment with cotton. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our amazing Tandem Team Members: Gozde Senel, Benjamin Allen, Erturk Kurtca, Chris Dudko, Ilker Koksal, Dan Hussey, Edanur Celik, Huihun Jung, Hoil Park and Claire King. A huge congratulations to our talented designers (Siir Onen and Banu Esen), skilled photographers (Hasan Erdem Calik), and fabulous model (Alexandra P) who made this achievement possible.

What is the challenge: The worldwide clothing fiber market is approximately 120 million tons ($3T/yr), of which 62% are oil-based synthetic fibers. Many of the current processes in the textile market are inexpensive, but their associated environmental costs can be enormous, including petroleum consumption, carbon release, and microplastic pollution.

What did we solve: We have developed Squitex: a bio-manufactured protein blend fiber with unique stretch, strength, and self-healing properties. Continued development of Squitex technology and blends will increase natural and man-made fiber production, dramatically reduce land usage, water, and petrochemical consumption and enable an unprecedented opportunity to build a unique and powerful brand.

We nailed our project timeline with precision. Here are the details:
operation description: date predicted / exact
Protein Powder: April 1 / April 15
Filament production: May 16 / May 15th
Yarn spinning: May 30 / May 26th
Weaving: June 6 / May 29th
Dyeing: June 13 / June 2st
Sew&cutting: June 20 / June 22
Photoshoot: July 1 / June 25th

We can’t wait to see what other innovative creations we’ll come up with next

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