Climate Impact of Tandem Repeat Inc

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Tandem Repeat Inc is a climate technology start-up founded in 2018 that produces natural fibers from plant molecular farming and precision fermentation to reduce carbon emissions and energy use and improve animal welfare and water quality with patented technology. Tandem Repeat Technologies is founded by Dr. Melik Demirel, Dr. Gözde Senel Ayaz, and Dr. Benjamin Allen. Tandem is the only company worldwide that has combined molecular plant farming and textile production to produce climate-positive fibers. Tandem’s Squitex technology makes a revolutionary natural fiber that provides enhanced flexibility, self-healing abilities, and superior mechanical properties.


Squitex Technology was first ignited by Tandem Repeat’s co-founder, Dr. Demirel’s lab, at Penn State ten years ago. The ocean-inspired this technology it is trying to protect. The collaboration of molecular biologists and engineers developed a unique protein structure in the squid’s tentacles. Squitex is an innovative, sustainable technology mimicking squid ring teeth’ impressive stretch, strength, and self-healing abilities. Two main goals were addressed when creating Squitex Technology—climate-Positive Textiles and the Democratization of fashion. Squitex’s unique value proposition offers a greener solution to textile production, providing an ethical and climate-positive alternative that replaces animal and synthetic fibers with renewable sources. Maximizes sustainability efforts in the fashion industry while minimizing the carbon footprint of textile fibers. Squitex not only helps the environment, but it also makes fashion accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or lifestyle.


Tandem Repeat has a significant impact on sustainability and the planet. By introducing all-natural Squitex fibers, they can reduce our reliance on finite resources and encourage better environmental practices. For example, Tandem Repeat is exploring renewable energy sources such as solar power to fuel farming operations and create green energy solutions. It also invests in sustainable plant farming to ensure Squitex products have a minimal environmental footprint while creating innovative and efficient solutions. Through these efforts, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint and drive progress toward a more sustainable future. 


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