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Tandem has revolutionized how we think about our future - our groundbreaking technology provides unlimited potential for a secure and prosperous tomorrow
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The material of the future
  • Squitex Fiber

    Tandem is changing the future of textiles with its futuristic concept, aiming to create climate-positive companies that can last for generations.
  • Climate Impact

    High emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG) present a dire existential threat to humanity, and active removal and long-term sequestration of GHG are needed. Squitex is produced at lower costs using carbon-negative methods to reduce global warming effects.
  • Technology

    Squitex is a breakthrough protein-based fiber revolutionizing the fabric industry with unique stretch, strength, and self-healing properties. This innovative new material offers unparalleled strength, durability, and sustainability.
Our Technology
Synthetic biology is the backbone of our technology and we believe it’s the future of innovation.
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Solving the sustainability problem once and for all!
Can we rewrite the story of mankind? Will it take a new dawn to bring balance back between us and nature?
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Become part of something incredible and help create climate-positive solutions for the future. Join us in making a lasting, positive difference - embark on this transformational journey today.

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