February 22, 2023

Earthquakes in the textile manufacturing region of Turkiye

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On 6 February 2023, Türkiye was rocked by a devastating double earthquake. With magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.6, respectively — the strongest earthquakes in 500 years — thousands lost their lives to the seismic activity that unfolded over 9 hours apart and left destruction in its wake; homes were destroyed, people became homeless overnight, buildings collapsed from the impact of tremors across many regions within Turkey’s geography.


In response to the earthquake, textile companies across Türkiye acted by sending product donations such as blankets and clothing to those affected. In addition, domestic and textile companies worldwide came together to help their Turkish people by sending gifts of necessary items to the affected areas. This international cooperation between textile companies and their supplies has saved countless lives and given hope to those who have lost so much during this difficult time. These donations included clothes, linens, blankets, and other essential items that those who had lost their homes desperately needed to survive. In addition, many companies worked closely with local charities to ensure that their donations were delivered where they were most needed and went towards helping those in need.


The aftershocks of this disaster are still rippling through the domestic textile industry as businesses rush to send necessities to earthquake victims. It may be too early to determine how much this has impacted business operations, but Textile factories across Türkiye were significantly damaged by the quake, with some businesses annihilated. That adds another layer of suffering for local communities that rely on these jobs for their livelihoods.


In the wake of devastation, witnessing such benevolence from domestic and international businesses is awe-inspiring. The Türkiye earthquake has taught us that while natural disasters often cause immense suffering, humanity will always stand together in times of need, but Turkish people need more help. Unfortunately, these aids are insufficient for two consecutive earthquakes of this magnitude.

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